Life requires responsibility.

We believe that for sustainable economic development, companies should improve their knowledge and understanding of the collective society in which they live in and act, and that they should make voluntary social contribution.

As Gata Havayolları ve Taşımacılık A.Ş. we aim to fulfill our corporate social responsibility to ensure that the quality of life in our country and in the world we live in is at the level we desire.

In this direction, our priority is to provide support to education. Besides supporting family members of our company’s employees, it is our policy to work with NGOs that support education.

In addition to this, it is among our corporate social responsibility projects that we implement business partnerships and support for institutions that need social support.

Volunteerism is beyond philanthropy which is sharing wealth. It is the ability of people to share their time, knowledge and heart. The important thing is not only to make a donation, but to be able to offer solutions by providing efficient use of resources. For this reason, those who can give their time from heart earn people’s hearts.